Saturday, March 2, 2013

"I won't call you woman. I will call you everything."~ Mahmoud Darwish

March is woman's history month, and although I don't usually give additional attention to commemorative months like this and Black history month, I woke up thinking a lot about a different world for women. Here's a quick laundry list in no particular order. A sista can hope ya know :) Please add :)

1.) For sisters to reclaim an identity that puts them directly back in tune with their divine nature.

2.) For brothers to reclaim an identity that puts them directly back in tune with their divine nature.

3.) For people that don't fit neatly into these identities to feel the respect and dignity they deserve as humans.

4.) For sisters to know the healthy love, sisterhood, and acceptance of one another free of competition, jealousy, loose tongues, and internalized sexism.

5.) For the genius, contributions, and leadership of women to always be recognized, upheld and central to a liberation agenda.

6.) For sisters to have the courage to listen to their intuition, always.

7.) For brothers to struggle with sisters free of violence and harm, that elevates our intrinsic relationship to one another as Aftican people (40% of cases involving murder started with the intent to harm a wife, girlfriend, or ex).

8.) An end to war on African women and women in third world nations where US led imperialism starts, sanctions, and condones dropping drones, civil war, rape and pillage and death.

9.) For pregnancy, child birth and child rearing to be free of complications and illness (the leading cause of death for women in the world, ages 14-19 is from preventable pregnancy related complications).

10.) For the fortitude to stand alone when we need to, and the strength to ask for support in other times.

11.) An end to the institutions that uphold male supremacy and blind us to the fact that women's liberation entails economic freedom.

12.) For Queen Latifah to reclaim the Queen part (Thumbs down cover girl)!

13.) For sisters to free themselves of chemicals and products that not only brainwash them to accept Euro images, but cause deadly health problems (There is an average of 27,000 new cases of breast cancer amongst Black women each year).

14.) For sex to feel safe, and reciprocal, and good all the time. Pow! Yes!

15.) For women to have access and control of the food they grow, buy or consume (the leading factors in obesity in the US is lack of, or inadequate, transportation systems that prevent purchasing healthy food at local stores, and the bombardment of baby formula that prevents healthy breast feeding).

16.) For women's art and song and music and dance to bring joy and happiness, and shift energy.

17.) For children to be raised by women (and men) who are healthy in spirit and mind.

18.) For elder women who have been involved in revolutionary movement work to guide and mentor younger women.

19.) For babas to love their lioness cubs in a way that teaches them to never long for, or seek a replacement in a man.

20.) For mothers not to use their sons as a replacement for an absent husband.

21.) For mamas and daughters to be able to see themselves in each other.

For women to be able to make choices that don't force them into inadequate housing, endless relationships with the state, imprisonment, or making money that degrades their divinity.

23.) For sisters to express themselves through word and in writing and be fully understood (Nina Simone said it best).

24.) For families, communities and nations to be self determined.

25.) For everyone to experience a woman's love and touch at least once in their lives.